Crazy Workout Guy

Somehow Sports Radio Guy ended up mutating into Crazy Workout Guy.


4 Responses to “Crazy Workout Guy”

  1. sporkless Says:

    Definitely a fan of Crazy Workout Guy. I think I know him (or, several of him).

  2. Krankor Says:

    He works in my building. Never let it be said that Steroid Joe isn’t prepared if a workout breaks out at any given moment.

  3. Ignatius Pig Says:

    Besides which, I’m pretty sure the only running Purolator Guy does is to the toilet with his stash when he thinks the cops are on to him.

    Oh my heavens. You’ve done it again, you brilliant sick freak. I’m going to be laughing / crying all day. Absolutely, wheels-off wicked funny. And yeah, even on Fat Ass Island, we have a few Steroid Joes running about.

    I once dated a chick who said I worked out too much. As if! I dumped her and worked out even harder after that, just to teach her a lesson.


  4. Krankor Says:

    FWIW, Purolator “Baked Like a Betty Crocker Cake” Guy and Purolator Guy’s Ex (who is stalking him) are also real, and also work in my building.